This sustainable female hygiene subscription service will change your life. Period.

For every woman, getting your period every month is like brushing your teeth every morning. It’s not in the calendar, but it’s hot wired into the inner rhythm of our bodies since puberty. So it should be as smooth as cake, but alas, it can be anything but. I could not tell you how many times I’ve rummaged through my bathroom drawer in a panic and realised I was out of lady supplies. But one woman is here to fix all this with easy.

Easy. is the world’s first subscription-based service for tampons and pads delivered straight to your doorstep every month. It’s also sustainable and ethically made.

Created by Alyssa Bertram, easy. is the answer to the annoying dilemma all women face: “It came to life after years of my own complaining during my period that tampons were a pain to buy and that they should be delivered. I figured if it was something I wished existed there were probably other women who would feel the same”.

Easy period sustainable subscription service organic
Photography: Easy

Bar the no-fuss convenience factor, easy. also ensures that monthly purchase becomes an ongoing sustainable one too. The products are made with 100% organic cotton and are biodegradable to reduce their environmental impact. Bertram also aims to give back with 5% of the profits going to Zana Africa Foundation, a charity organisation that supplies pads to girls in Kenya.

“Tampons and pads are products that most women use throughout their lifetime. We are purchasing these products monthly and we have to think about the impact these products are having on both our bodies and on the environment. Health-wise, these products sit in the super permeable tissues of the vagina, making it important to ensure that the products are safe and free from chemicals,” says Bertram.

With a range of different delivery boxes to choose from, it’s a simple experience of selecting what you need and forgetting about the rest until it discreetly arrives on your doorstep each month. Easy is available in Canada, the US and Europe at this stage, with plans to launch in other markets in the pipeline.

Until then, Bertram is busy building a community where women can connect and address issues and topics that matter to women. Dinner party events such as ‘A Woman’s Worth’ started off as one-time events, but its success has got Bertram thinking of the bigger opportunity: “Being an online business, I really wanted the opportunity to connect with our audience in person. I hosted a dinner party for 40 women and a discussion following dinner. I was really inspired by the evening and had guests asking me after what the next event would be. I knew we were on to something and now we are continuing to host these events with the hopes of addressing topics that aren’t necessarily being discussed honestly elsewhere”.