This water bottle helps you do social good with every drink

A stylish desk office these days is not complete without a stylish water bottle or pitcher to suit. The humble plastic water bottle is thankfully on the way out, as we look to BPA-free designer glass or steel options to keep our hydration up and all the nasties out. But is it time that we also consider the broader social impact of the water we drink each day?

Introducing Soma, the makers of beautiful and sustainable water products. Soma is a certified B-corporation that blends smart design with an environmentally-friendly ethos. It’s been called ‘The Apple of the filtered-water market’ and rightly so. From elegantly minimal pitchers to clean glass water bottles, Soma has elevated an everyday object into a statement piece that’s built with sustainability in mind at every step.

image of social enterprise water soma
Image: Soma

All filters are made from 60% plant-based and renewable materials, and all the handles and caps are sustainable oak or renewable bamboo. But what’s truly remarkable is their commitment to clean and accessible drinking water for those in need. Soma matches employee fundraising campaigns and donates a portion of sales to charity:water, their nonprofit partner in clean water projects. Now that’s something we can drink to.