How to buy ethical chocolate this Easter

Easter is fast approaching and for some of us that means a license to splurge on our favourite treat. However, it is important that we recognise that the chocolate industry is notorious for widespread abuses within its supply chain so buying chocolate or goods that are certifiable fair-trade helps mitigate this exploitation by ensuring that the raw materials are traceable, and the farmers are guaranteed a fair price. Therefore, we have curated a selection of some amazing fair-trade chocolate goodies and where to find them.

Chow Cacao

These delicious organic and vegan chocolate bars are made from fair trade and sustainably sourced ingredients. Handmade in Byron Bay and hand-wrapped in nostalgic golden foil; they are reminiscent of a classic Willy Wonka chocolate bar. With classic funky flavours like Crunchy Mint, Orange Jaffa and Peanut Butter Slab, these delicious goodies will bring you right back to your childhood. The simple and iconic packaging is inspired by the 70’s surf culture in Byron Bay.

image of chow cacao chocolate
Photography: Chow Cacao

Loving Earth

Loving Earth is a Melbourne-based company dedicated to sourcing the highest quality organic fair-trade foods. Their raw vegan chocolate is gluten, sugar and dairy-free. This Easter they are offering a special collection of cashew milk chocolate eggs filled with a soft caramel centre. These chocolate eggs support the Great Forest National Park campaign, with 50% of profits donated to the Mountain Ash Forests to the east of Melbourne CBD. You can find Loving Earth chocolate in most supermarkets and health food stores or you can purchase their delectable delights online.

image of loving earth fairtrade chocolate
Photography: Nina de Pietro

Rosebed and Finch

This small Sunshine Coast-based business creates some of the most ingenious masterpieces we have ever seen. Raw edible art is an apt way of describing these delectable goodies. All their products are free from refined sugar, soy, gluten and dairy so no one has to miss out on these scrumptious desserts. Their ingredients are also sourced from sustainable, homegrown farmers and producers. With an individually curated selection of canapes and brownies some treats from Rosebed and Finch are just the thing to add some wow factor to your event.

image of rosebed and finch chocolate
Photography: Rosebed & Finch

By Pop

For those who don’t like or can’t eat chocolate, fear not we haven’t forgotten you. By Pop creates the most amazing high-quality salted butter cookies that look almost too good to eat. By Pop was founded by Laurinda Di Pietro Dias, a Melbournian with a creative mind, a love of fine foods and a fondness of beautiful art and design. By Pop create custom cookies for weddings and events but also have gift box collections available online and we can’t get over how gorgeous their special range of Easter cookies are. By Pop use recyclable material in their packaging and strive to produce as minimal waste as possible in their production process.

image of by pop cookies
Photography: By Pop