How do certain brands and products end up featured on our site? It’s simple. They have to be either local, ethical or sustainable. There’s no exact science here; at the end of the day we’re writing about the things we like and we hope you do too.

Is it ethical?

This can apply to either sourcing, manufacturing or designing of products. This is done with a conscious effort to minimise its negative impact on local communities and workers.

Is it sustainable or eco-friendly?

Products that are sourced, designed and created to be environmentally-friendly and considers the whole life-cycle of the product. From things like energy and water usage, and emissions of waste, pollutants and greenhouse gases, to transportation and packaging. They’re built to last and/or are easily recyclable.

Is it locally-made? 

Products that have an origin story, with authentic roots from how its designed, to its creation process. We love to support small indie makers and designers who pay respect to the local communities & cultures from which they take inspiration from.