6 inspiring bloggers who are creating a greener world


Move over fashion bloggers and say hello to the new wave of thoughtful bloggers championing sustainability and a more greener world. Here are 6 of our favourites to add some mindful living to your feed.

Eco Warrior Princess

Foundered by fashion advocate and environmentalist Jennifer Nini in 2010, Eco Warrior Princess was one of the first of its kind. Offering intelligent, nuanced and in-depth analysis of global problems including those related to feminism, social justice, racial inclusion, politics and green technology. Starting as a humble one-woman blog it now has dozens of correspondents in countries all over the world, from Nigeria to Washington each with their own unique insight and expertise, covering the latest in environmental politics, news and sustainable fashion. Although it is one for the more altruistically minded, Eco Warrior Princess also offers micro level ideas and solutions for people who are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle

The Fashion Advocate

Created by Claire Goldsworthy the Fashion Advocate’s central ethos is ‘buy less choose well and shop local.’ This fashion blog is all about encouraging conscious consumerism and supporting local labels. They have an annual print magazine which champions local brands in the sustainable fashion sector. The Fashion Advocate also has an e- boutique stocked with quality pieces that are designed for longevity not landfill. All items sold are produced locally in either Australia or New Zealand. In addition to selling clothing the boutique also sells bags, swimwear and shoes, everything you need to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Ethically Kate

Just cross the ditch, this New Zealand based blog gives a warm, honest and transparent account of the trials, tribulations and joys that come with living a sustainable lifestyle. Her Instagram account is full of great tips, accessible products and advice on what it means to live eco-friendly. The fun, down to earth and unpretentious Ethically Kate is definitely one to have on your radar.

Clare Press

Clare Press is the sustainability editor-at-large at Vogue Australia. With a career in fashion going back decades, Clare is intimately familiar with the social and economic costs of today’s fast fashion industry and has dedicated herself to rectifying them. In her latest book Rise and Resist, Clare travels across the world to meet passionate change makers waging their own fight in the quest for a more sustainable world. With quick wit and a charming optimistic manner, Clare teachers her readers and audience how we can each be agents of change and fight for a more equitable, sustainable and kinder world. She also has a highly successful podcast The Wardrobe Crisis, where she traverses the globe, rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of the sustainable fashion industry and is forever uncovering exciting new innovations, brands and technology. 

The Green Hub 

The Green Hub is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle blog, directory and digital magazine that seeks to empower, educate and inform consumers on how to make lifestyle decisions that are better for people and the planet. Covering everything from vegan recipes, sustainable beauty products to politics and news, the Green Hub’s team of writers seek to make sustainable living easier for those with a bourgeoning interest in sustainability as well as those well into their journey already. The Green Hub is ultimately a highly comprehensive and information-dense blog that is most certainly one to follow. 

Sustainability Chic

This fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog gives a genuine, transparent and honest look into the life of one woman in her quest to live more sustainably. As a young mother, The Sustainability Chick AKA Natalie, is a great one to follow for parents who are trying to live green with a little one in tow.